love note #3

by 7/07/2015 12:44:00 PM 0 comments
Dear zakariyyaa zainal,

hai..... it's been a long time since i let everything out of my chest. well, today it's gonna be one of those days. even though i have nothing to say. but my mind always loaded with words which i couldnt say. it's so frustrating. really, it is.

you know that we havent got much time left? this Saturday is my last day. Although i did promise you that 13th will be the last day of me but suddenly things changed. my abah asked me to pick him up at the airport this 11th - the day of my birthday. and it also the day i will never ever gonna see you again.

you once asked me why i need to do this? you said nobody asked me to do it. well, my love... i did this for myself. i need to move on. i need to let go of you. i need to stop holding on to something that doesnt even belong to me. you are not mine, sayang. you never wanted to be. and i have to swallow that fact down to my throat. Please dont keep me anymore. Dont lock me in your lil' cage and letting me die pathetically. I want to be free. Free from this love that bound me to the ground.

if you love me, i would never let you go. never cheat on you. never hurt you. never do you wrong.
never. but you didnt. and you have the nerves to even asked me to stay by your side. it's unfair, my love. please dont be so selfish. i am not your puppet. i was your bestfriend and then we were--

i wonder what is inside your semak samun head when you kissed me?
dont you feel the same way like i do?
dont you feel the love?

yours three-days-left-girl,




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